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My OTH viewing begins...

Today I started season one of One Tree Hill. I have finished up to episode six, the episode that started off making me go 'What the fuck! what the fuck?!' outloud, confusing and possibly scaring my mother. Then continued with pleasing me with lots of bonding between people I wanted to bond. Mainly the chicks.

In fact, I want to thank the show for reaffirming my gayness! At times, my brain wants to swing more towards boys, as that's the easier option in our American society, but with eye candy like the one OTH provides, my gay is solid. I will have to pic spam that ASAP.

Also, Lucas is a nice guy. This confuses my feelings, because I rather loathe CMM. But Lucas, I would totally hang with.

Dan is a total dick. Nathan is a dick with man!pain. And yet Dan's wife, Nathan's mother... totally an awesome, fully together, kind, hot, lady! It does not compute.

I will have more to post later. Like, I have to make icons at some point. Yes.
Tags: it was just a joke, lucas has a heart of gold, makes me gayer, the scotts play for whitey
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