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Sponsored Plot Elements

AT&T is prominently inserted into the show as a sponsor. Most of the characters on the show have AT&T Mobility (and earlier, Cingular) cell phones. The company has given One Tree Hill fans the chance to make several choices about the shows plot. The first was whether or not Nathan and Taylor would kiss when they met at the 'Swinging Donkey' bar in Season Two; the fans chose for them not to. The second was what Nathan and Haley's second wedding song would be in the finale of Season Three; the fans chose "More Than Anyone" by Gavin DeGraw. The company also allowed the fans to choose which band would perform at the senior prom in Season Four; the fans chose Within Reason, a band from Birmingham, Alabama.

Sunkist is another sponsor which can be spotted at concerts in episodes such as "When it Isn't Like it Should Be" and "Just Watch the Fireworks", in the characters' fridges, and on the school's vending machines. It held a contest to choose which town the characters would visit in "It Gets the Worst at Night", and Honey Grove, Texas won. Nike makes multiple appearances in the show. The Tree Hill high school basketball team wore Nike jerseys and shoes. Almost all athletic shoes worn by Nathan during his basketball run were Nike shoes. The characters also make references to Nike athletes including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony. Nike also provided the film crew with their own sweater vests for season 5.

In Episode 4.04: "Can't Stop This Thing We Started", Rachel took part in a Maxim photoshoot which mirrored a real life photoshoot for Danneel Harris, Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush, in stores on October 14, 2006, where Danneel wore the same outfit as her character. In Episode 4.07: "All These Things That I've Done", America's Next Top Model winner of a challenge, CariDee English got to play a small role as a model named Tia in a fashion show. Macy's had a competition to win a walk-on role on the show. The winner would get to spend time with the cast, see the show in production, attend a charity event and appear in one episode. In Episode 5.17: "Hate is Safer Than Love", Mia, played by Kate Voegele agrees to take part in both Rock the Vote and a Starburst funded concert.
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